Lapin House Sustainability Campaign: From Clothing Recycling to a Healthier & Greener Planet


Lapin House having embraced the concept of sustainability, decided to touch upon the major issue of clothing recycling. #LapinKidsMission team carefully created special recycling boxes that were placed inside Lapin House stores, where visitors could leave clothes that they no longer use. The action was performed in collaboration with Fabric Republic, which is a Greek non-profit organization that stands as an innovative, clothing management system. The clothes then were transferred to Fabric Republic headquarters, where clothes in good condition were disinfected and cleaned in order to be given to people in need, while the rest of clothing pieces were being sent for fabric and thread recycling. For this reason, Lapin House spread the word through its dedicated windows that were transformed into a green scenery where nature, mother earth and a healthy planet became the main focus. #LapinKidsMission Team embraced an action that could explain to our little ones the meaning of recycling and the major issue of creating together a sustainable future. #LapinKidsMission:Planet