New Collection Lapin House – Fall/Winter 2020-2021


A new collection is here and we are very excited to invite you to a journey of inspiration of the collection that we have loved more than any other. Get ready to travel with us to great places and to explore new worlds that are filled with adventure.

Our journey begins at the high mountain peaks of the magical Alps and specifically in Mont Blanc. We choose to wear our warmest jackets and start walking and hiking in the cold, dark-green forests. Then, we take a ride with the cable car and as we feel enchanted by the view, we are transported to one of the highest points in Europe, the snowy peak of Aiguille du Midi, which is considered one of the first ski resorts in France.

Then, we choose to leave the icy weather and get into a back to school mood. We wear our favorite preppy clothes and we start to explore the most remarkable universities of the world. We enter their monumental libraries, filled with books, we make new friends and we play among the Campuses with beautiful gardens and medieval details.

Later, we arrive at the Royal Opera House and we are introduced into new a world where dance and music are all around us. We wear the most beautiful tulle skirts and somewhere between the warm atmosphere, the notes of the piano and the wooden floors, we dream that we are ballerinas in one of the most famous ballets in the world.

Then we get ready for a getaway to the magnificent Loire Valley, known as the “Garden of France”. There, we ride wild horses and discover vast areas of vineyards, abundant cherry trees and asparagus crops. Once we get tired from our adventurous ride, we find shelter in the fairytale stone castles with the crystal-clear lakes and as the night falls, we gather around the fireplace and tell our most favorite stories of the day.

Our journey continues as we cross France and end up at its western end to watch the sunset next to Kermorvan Lighthouse, one of the most beautiful lighthouses that exist. As we walk on its stone bridge, we are enchanted by the wild waves crashing on the surrounding rocks and by the orange and purple colors of the sky.

Our journey ends in one of the most marvelous cities of the whole world, London. We wear our warmest jackets and coats and get ready to walk next to Thames. Then we make a stop at the spectacular aquarium to see all the sharks and penguins. Later, we can’t help it but visit Big Ben, a symbol of the whole country and the third tallest clock tower in the world. When the sun sets, we decide to cross the London Bridge, observing the colorful reflections of the light on the river waters.

Tones of navy blue, pink pastel colors, grey, and vivid reds are part of the palette of a collection dedicated to the most beautiful kids in the world… yours. We hope you love our exclusive prints, impressive plaids and the high-quality fabrics that make up the Fall-Winter2021 collection. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you a joyful autumn and a wonderful, festive winter.