LAPIN HOUSE Collections

The “Lapin House” collection is divided as follows:

LAPIN HOUSE TINY: 0 – 12 months
A cute, romantic, and funny line inspired by and created for all newborn babies!

LAPIN HOUSE BEBE: 6 months – 8 years
This line is a tribute to childhood and optimism! Here comfort meets creativity and quality, so that elegant clothes can become part of our little friends’ daily routine.

LAPIN HOUSE TEEN: 12 months – 14 years
A fresh, sophisticated line, and sensible to new fashion trends. Full of positivity and energy, this line can charm the youngest as well as the teenagers!

LAPIN HOUSE BASIC: 12 months – 14 years
This is a casual line combining comfort and style. It is also proof that simplicity is timeless and always elegant.

LAPIN HOUSE CEREMONY: 6 months – 8 years
A unique line dedicated to the most important moment of our kids. We place specific emphasis to the quality of the fabrics, the elaborated details as well as the originality of the designs.

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